How to make your 2-Bedroom Apartment a 5 Star Hotel

Everybody enjoys the pleasure of sleeping in a 5 Star hotel so why wouldn’t you? You can transform your Houston apartments by following these simple tips. Prepare for a whole new lifestyle!

The first thing to do to make your 2-bedroom apartments in Houston look like a luxury living quarter is by changing everything into a modern look. Firstly you have to get permission if you’re allowed to paint on your walls or not. If not, then you can use colour sheets to add a bit of bright colour and livelihood into your bedroom. By using positive colours such as cream, bright red, sky blue and marshmallow pink, you will soon be stepping into a whole new different room.

You can put some creativity into your bedroom and live in a set theme. For instance, you can take wild life theme and put plants in the room and use green bed sheets with a picture of a bird. You can also add other accessories to your bedroom as per your desire. You can add paintings according to the theme that you have chosen.

The key idea is that your main purpose is to renovate with new products, replace all your outdated pillows and wardrobes with something newer.

Use modular furniture so it can be used to serve multiple purposes instead of one. Also it makes your room look more modern.

Layering rugs around the main bed could put more features and detail to your bedroom and makes it more personal and fit for your needs. Changing out old ceiling light bulbs with modern incandescent light bulbs gives the room a white glow along with allowing you to save more electricity as well! Attaching a ceiling fan could be optional but you will have to once again ask your landlord about it.

Pattern combination is very important. When you’re renovating your bedroom make sure that have a clear image in your mind about what your bedroom will look like with certain colour such as light grey walls with dark grey pillows with white bed sheets will match nicely.

Cleaning the old carpet with a carpet cleaner will give you excellent results but it’s also good for personal hygiene and health. If you’re a technology geek, you could decide to get a nice flat screen television with additional stereo systems. However, this upgrade will be costly.

Being organized is a great way to keep your rental apartments’ bedroom nice and clear. You can do this by adding small bed side drawers and wardrobes that you can customize with a theme so it can suit your needs. Other ways to make storage place for your personal items is under-the-bed drawer. This will be a great idea and, of course, you won’t lose anything under your bed and your clothes can be neatly tucked away.