How to Upgrade Your Rental Living Room

Your living room is a place for comfort and relaxation. To put your designing abilities to your limits, it’s a room that is always on show case for your incoming guests. You can customize it to your taste and fashion that reflects your moods and feelings. It is your living quarters that revolve around you and your lifestyle. Here I will be teaching you how to change your living room to a 5 star resort!

To add a hint of professionalism to your apartments in Houston, you will have to follow these nice simple tips to put you on the charts for the most fashionable living room in your neighbourhood!

The number one plan of attack to make your living room more live able is to make more room! Pick up everything in the room such books, DVDs, paintings, etc. and then ask yourself is this something you really love? Do you use it often? If not, you can donate it to charities or sell it online! Doing so will give you a mental feeling of freedom and not being cramped in a small room. You can be room efficient by buying coffee tables or furniture that doesn’t take up the whole floor.

Getting rid of outdated accessories could be a hassle, such as changing couches and cushions, but I can assure you that it is worth every minute of renovating. It will put a new glow in your apartment and could bring positive effects to your personality.

Changing lamp shades in your room is more effective than you think and that is because lampshades are very divergent and can be changed or altered very easily to match the base of a lamp. Swapping your lampshade for a bolder, modern look will update your room instantly.

Lighting should be a key feature in your living room. Harsh lighting would make you feel uncomfortable and could make your eyes twitch in discomfort. To fight against your lighting problems I recommend letting in as much natural light as possible. Introduce more windows to have a greater flow of sunlight to brighten your room or you can remove large obstacles such as window treatments or furniture that’s in the way.

Add something alive, such as a living plant, like herbs or bushes. This natural greenery will not only bust the quality of air and smell but also add the vibe of being fresh.

Adding carpeting will be the next step for customizing your living room. If you want to add new carpeting you first will have to talk to your landlord. The progress of replacing the carpet will be time consuming task and a lot of money will be needed as well! Hire professionals to take off the older carpet and slap on the new one. As the saying goes: In with the new out with the old. You may want to choose the simpler version of customizing the floor by adding mats or your desired colour and design. This process is cheaper and faster and your landlord won’t care!